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"Attention breakup sufferer..."

"Waiting For Your Friends To Help You Through This Breakup?

Here’s Why You Be Making The Most Painful Mistake Of Your Life..."

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From the desk of: George Karanastasis, M.D.
Date: September 21st, 2018

Dear Friend,

Are you currently going through a breakup with someone you love? Are you confused, hurt, angry, and alone? Or worse still... have your friends grown tired of you talking about your ex?

I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to have those closest to you turn a "blind eye" to your problems. At first they go out of their way to cheer you up. But it doesn’t last long...

Sooner than later they tell you to stop feeling down and start moving on. But you know what? It isn’t their fault. Why? Because they can’t understand what you’re going through since they’re not with you in struggle!

And where does that leave you? Trapped in the solitude of heartbreak, desperation, and confusion.

But here’s something you probably weren’t aware of...

"You Don’t Have To Suffer
Through This Alone..."

Did you know that there’s a small "army" of men who are living through the hell you are now? Not only that, but they’re eagerly awaiting to help you get her back?

Just imagine what it’s like to have someone genuinely interested in listening your story. Someone who can give you hope... and honest advice. Someone that is with you in struggle and knows exactly how you feel.

It’s a comforting thought, isn’t it?

Well that’s why I created this community. So that guys like yourself can have a place to turn to when you need help the most.

And if we’ve never met please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. George Karanastasis and I’m the author of the best-selling relationship repair book, "How To Get Her Back For Good". I’ve consulted with over 1,200 of my readers who needed help getting their girls back and I continue to do so to this day.

But here’s what I realized after all these consultations...

"Having A Plan To Follow
When Getting Your Girl Back
Just Doesn’t Cut It..."

What you need is someone to hold you by the hand and make sure you put that plan into action. And not only that, you need someone to help you on a daily basis... to lift you up when you’re feeling down and to answer your most pressing questions as soon as they come up.

And here are just a few more benefits of being a member of our community...

bullet You get an "avalanche" of personal attention for your particular problem the minute you post your thoughts (just imagine what it’s like to have a team of "therapists" at your disposal... 24 hours a day!)

bullet You enjoy piece of mind by knowing that you’re on the right track - whether you’re trying to get over her... or trying to get her back (you’re never left alone to worry with your doubts)

bullet You avoid the deadly mistakes that kill your chances of getting her back (the moment the impulse arises to stray off track these guys will ensure you make the right decision to maximize your chances of success)

And here’s the best part of all...

"It Costs You Nothing To
Join Our Community..."

All you need to get your personal invitation is to read through my course.

Why is this necessary? Because you must have a plan to follow first before anyone can help you.  All the personal attention in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know where going and how you’re going to get there.

And not only that... most of the concepts discussed on our board are things you’ve never heard of. So you won’t understand the advice you’re given if you don’t know where it’s coming from and why it works.

So in order to maximize your chances of getting her back (in the least amount of time possible) you must be up to speed with our strategies and the logic behind them.

So click here now to discover how you can put your own relationship repair strategy into place and how to get the help you need to ensure its success.

To Your Relationship,

P.S. Here’s what a few members of The Makeup Board are saying about our community...

"Thx,  for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts, vision, try-outs and whatever there is to be shared over here!" - from a Makeup Board member

"Just wanted to thank you for this message board! Eventually I would love to help fellow members. Because this board has helped me realize, analyze, and completely understand what you are trying to say to a broken heart." - from a Makeup Board member

"Wow! Finally, someone I can relate with!" - from a Makeup Board member

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